Backup and Storage Solutions

Take a moment and think how it would impact you if a computer or other device with your most important files suddenly and catastrophically failed. It can happen at any time and occasionally does so without any warning.

Was that your anti-virus starting a scan or did your heart-rate just go up?David Burkhart

Even the most sophisticated and well-built storage device will eventually fail. Meanwhile, these sensitive devices remain vulnerable to additional threats: excessive heat, excessive cold, sudden movement or vibration, electromagnetic fields, power surges, tampering, malware and other viruses, theft, fires, floods, coffee spills… so many things could go wrong. Was that your heart again?

Replacing a hard disk drive in a computer is inexpensive and easy. So, should the drive ever suddenly die and you have a backup and recovery plan in place, you wouldn’t give a second thought to any valuable data that might have been on it. Heart feeling a little better now?

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