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You say you’ve got a website for your business already? And, your business even has a presence on social media? That’s all good.

But, how are potential customers going to find your business?

Sure, Google your business name and you’ll probably wind up on the first page of results, maybe even near the top. But, try Googling some of the products or services your business offers. After all, that’s really what potential customers will be Googling – not your business name.

If your business is not in the top five relevant search results, you’re probably losing the potential customers to your competitors who are. And, if you’re not on the first page, most of those potential customers will never even know you exist.David Burkhart

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Start by optimizing your website and it’s content to appeal better to search engines. This is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). But, if anyone talks to you about doing this by putting keywords into the “meta tags” of the website’s code, just smile, say “thank you”, and show them to the door. That’s an old-school trick that hasn’t worked since a few years after the turn of the millennium. Keywords are still very important to SEO. But, they should be meaningfully embedded into the content of your website.

Proper SEO will strategically align your website by targeting people who are actively seeking your products or services.David Burkhart

Now, go after people who are not actively seeking your products or services. Advertisements often suggest solutions for people who need them. So, when someone is on the fence about actively seeking products or services and they finally make a decision to begin their search, it will probably be in response to an ad. If it’s not your ad they respond to, it will be your competitor’s.

You’re not seriously thinking about advertising your website in the newspaper or phonebook, are you? That would be like trying to sell diving gear in the dessert. Advertise your website where it counts – on the internet! Just like any advertising, you should expect to begin shelling out regular money toward an internet ad campaign each month or year. But, online advertising is much less expensive than most other forms of media. And, internet ad campaigns can be setup for any budget size. Plus, results are much easier to track, empowering you to tweak your campaign for better effectiveness.

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