Services and Rates
Rates / Pricing
The hourly rate for most any work is $60 for the first hour and $40 for each additional hour. Whenever possible, Burkhart Technology will submit a cost estimate for approval before beginning any work. Or, you may request a price quote which guarantees the total cost of a project even when the labor required to complete it exceeds estimated amounts.

Certain services have preset package prices. These are provided for your convenience in evaluating whether or not the needed services are worth the expense. But, please keep in mind that these packages are flexible and can be altered or custom built to better suit your specific needs.

Service Listing
Below are the most commonly requested services. But, don’t let this list stop you from requesting anything not on it. If it’s anything technical, Burkhart Technology can probably help.

Launched in 2006, Burkhart Technology has always sought to provide the non-technical community with working solutions to technical challenges at extremely competitive rates. Though initially created to primarily offer website services, by 2007, the company had begun rapidly expanding service offerings to capitalize on core skills and talents of its personnel.

In 2010, it was becoming clear that creative services, such as website and graphic design, would be more strategically positioned under a separate brand. So, one year later, the company’s lead creative resource launched a designer brand under the name of the lead designer, David Burkhart.